The Cold Hard Factslaps


Before the nuclear winter, a few Factslaps, los perras:


  • Iceland imports ice cubes.
  • The Netherlands closed eight prisoners in 2013 for lack of criminals.
  • France paid the highest taxes in Europe in 2016, with a real tax rate of 57.53%.
  • Marie Antoinette’s last words were “Pardon me, sir, I meant not to do it,” an apology to her executioner for stepping on his toes.
  • Ancient Egyptians had a 70% accurate method for detecting pregnancy: a woman would pee on some seeds. If they sprouted, she was pregnant.
  • The last car to have a cassette deck come standard was the Lexus SC430 in 2010.
  • Mice sigh up to 40 times an hour.
  • It is illegal in Saudi Arabia to name a child Sandy, Elaine or Linda.
  • A group of ladybirds is called a loveliness. 
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