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When the Media Really Is Fake


What happened last night in Vegas is unspeakable. So of course Sean Hannity spoke.

“This is no time to politicize the tragedy,” he belched on Fox.

What insanity this? He then went on a rant against the “liberal media,” who would surely try to make this a political hot potato.

Do you not already smell that potato, Sean? You just popped it in the oven.

What’s far worse, however, is the logic the state’s news service used in ducking the issue that rains on us like Irma’s hellfire. By that logic, when would it be a good time to bring up any issue you’d care not suffer? There were 11,680 gun violence death in 2016, Justice Dept. says. That’s 30 grieving families a day, Sean. Okay to discuss when they’re in mourning?

Heck, why politicize Puerto Rico when all of those Americans are without water and electricity? Why talk about police-related shootings when at least two families’ lives have shattered?

Now is exactly the time to talk politics. This week’s column was supposed to be about the brilliant Ken Burns series The Vietnam War. We will save that fawning for later.

But it is interesting the series arrived days before the massacre. Through 10 episodes, we learned how to measure human losses on the military scale. Should they have waited longer to say something? After all, 58,000 American families were grieving, right Sean?

Movements — and the laws that follow — are smelted in the fury at injustice.

How else to describe this? When one man can  kill 59 (so far) and injure another 525?

That’s not even a shooting. It’s a military incursion. So please, Sean, unless you have something politically constructive to say — in any direction — amidst this insanity, do shut the fuck up.



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