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Napkin Or No Napkin

Mom and sis went to lunch recently at the Denny’s in Van Nuys, chic dining for this family.

As mom and Caroline took their table, mom noticed a bald man in his mid-40’s enter with a group of other men. The man apparently stared intently at Caroline as they walked to their table. Mom was a little miffed at the rudeness.

As the women ate, mom noticed the man was still staring at Caroline “to the point of rudeness,” mom recalls. It doesn’t take much for mom to express herself, and she shot stares back with a “don’t you ogle my daughter” sternness.

Finally, the man stands up, walks to the Bowles table.

“How is the food?” the man said. “Do you need anything?”

Mom was less pissed; perhaps he was a manager, waiting to go on duty.

“No, we’re fine,” Caroline responded automatically, though pausing slightly because she thought she recognized the guy. “Thank you.”

The man smiled, turned and began to walk away.

Never one to bite her tongue, mom said to Caroline, “I could have used an extra napkin.”

Caroline immediately looked over her shoulder, raised an arm and told the man, “Mom needs an extra napkin.”

The man walks to one of the waiters, says “I got this, Sam,” takes a napkin from his tray and returns to the table.

“Here you go, mom,” Howie Mandell said before walking back to his table.

As Mandell is an avowed germophobe, mom assumed the napkin was clean.


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